Safe Harbour compliant, digital end-to-end ID Verification solutions for Australian Financial Institutions and Non-Bank Lenders

MaxID is the leader in the next generation fully compliant Face-to-Face In Person Identity Verification Agents

Unique, patent-pending technology

MaxID’s VOI solution provides a one-stop shop solution for your institution. It offers an end-to-end digital VOI experience on smart phones, tablets or other mobile devices, and delivers ‘Safe Harbour’ compliance outcomes across the spectrum of lending and deposit products.

The customer is intelligently guided through a series of screens, while MaxID determines and then captures the required documentation in a process that meets well-known AML/CTF/KYC rules, as well as the new and more onerous VOI Standards for mortgages.

The importance of ‘Safe Harbour’

Failure for residential mortgage lenders to attain a ‘Safe Harbour’ verification of identity for mortgage transactions may make it more difficult to register mortgages, and in some cases may result in mortgage security being void.

It is a common misconception that the new VOI rules requiring an Face-to-Face, In-Person verification of identity only apply to electronic lodgement transactions. Not so, unfortunately. The new rules also apply to paper lodgement transactions and the consequence of non-compliance is highly detrimental.

MaxID provides lenders with a ‘Safe Harbour’ solution that meets the more onerous VOI standards and is fully compliant across all State-based regulations.

To find out more about the ‘Safe Harbour’ residential mortgage lending requirements.


The MaxID solution is designed to minimise the internal and external costs associated with VOI compliance

MaxID was built from the ground up with the customer in mind, is easy to use and interact with, as well as intuitive for the customer to understand.

MaxID can support a number of business models and channels within the banking and lending environment, with the best in market data security/encryption and threat mitigation systems, supporting a strong compliance framework that doesn’t compromise the customer experience.

The service can be readily adapted for a specific brand experience, be it your brand, or a lending brand within your business. Keeping your clients within your trusted brand eco-system is just part of the MaxID solution.

By providing your customer with the ability to complete a fully compliant ‘Safe Harbour’ VOI for any Australian State or Territory within minutes, MaxID supports increased customer conversion rates which is critical in a competitive and choice rich market.