Seamless ID Verification for Online Gaming and Sports Betting Providers

MaxID is the leader in the next generation fully compliant Customer Identity Verification for the online wagering and sports betting industry

Unique, secure technology

Meeting the requirements of the AML CTF Act and the relevant licensing and industry bodies is a time consuming process when your customers identity and residential address cannot be verified easily using independent and reliable third party data bases or credit headers. Your customers will rarely be impressed about being sent to a post office to wait in a queue for patchy service or being asked to complete and post you paper forms with certified copies of their identity and other credentials. As the time frame for age and identity verification of new customers gets shorter, new alternatives to the status quo are becoming more relevant.

MaxID is a fully compliant Identity Verification Agent in that is able to provide you with a ‘Safe Harbour’ Identity Certification meeting the requirements of the ‘Documentation Procedures’ specified in the AML CTF Act, regardless of which part of Australia you or your customers are in. MaxID’s Identity Certifications include legally certified true copies of original identity documentation (equivalent to 100 points of identification), images of the customer, facial biometrics and lots of other data.

Not only are we the only Identity Agent that can complete identity verification 24/7, 365 days Australia-wide, we are also the cheapest way to obtain certified true copies of identification documentation in the market. So, whether it is about ensuring identity verification at a lower cost, in shorter time periods or about providing your customers with a better and more convenient experience, MaxID is an attractive solution for your identity verification requirements.

The importance of a secure Identity Documentation ‘Safe Harbour’

The proper conduct and documentation of identity verification is an important strategic component of account-based betting.

Demonstrating the significant advantages in detecting and controlling money laundering and creating more effective programs for responsible gambling are beneficial differentiators for account-based betting businesses. However if you don’t meet the ‘Safe Harbour’ standards set out in the AML CTF Act your business may be asked in the future to complete the unenviable task of proving that the steps taken were reasonable. Most people agree it is better to get the job done properly to start with. Getting it done in a very time efficient and customer friendly way when electronic verification has failed has been more challenging – until now.

MaxID has developed systems and solutions to meet the documentation procedures specified in the AML/CTF Rules to ensure secure ‘Safe Harbour’ requirements are met. To get started there are no set up fees, no license fees, no minimum volumes and no complex technology integration costs – just simple to use, intelligent systems. MaxID can set up the system so that all communications are fully customized and branded specifically for your business. Want to know more?


The MaxID solution is designed to minimise the internal and external costs associated with VOI compliance

MaxID was built from the ground up with your customers in mind, ensuring is easy to use and interact with, as well as intuitive to understand.

MaxID uses best in market data security/encryption and threat mitigation systems, supporting a strong compliance framework that doesn’t compromise your customer’s experience.

The service can be readily adapted for any brand experience so your clients are not confused. Keeping your clients within your trusted brand eco-system is just part of the MaxID solution.

By providing your customers with the ability to complete a fully compliant ‘Safe Harbour’ identity verification within minutes on their mobile device supports higher customer retention and lower account deactivation rates.