100 Points of ID – Legally Certified In Minutes

100 Points of ID that will satisfy Australian KYC 'Safe Harbour' requirements of the AML CTF Rules. Provide a few simple details and we do the rest for you and your client

100 Points of ID – Legally Certified True Copies
  • check-icon End-to-end digital process with text and email reminders so you are not chasing clients or dealing with paper documentation
  • check-icon After your first transaction you can choose to require your clients pay by credit card
  • check-icon No need for you to meet with your client or ask them to find a JP or visit the post office
  • check-icon Legally certified 100 Points of ID, photo of your client and facial biometric analysis delivered to your email in as little as a few minutes
  • check-icon No ongoing license fees or min transaction numbers
  • check-icon No set up costs, no waiting, no bookings, no queues, no government approvals
  • check-icon International high risk and politically exposed persons database checks
  • check-icon No need to download an 'App' or install special software

Delivering operational efficiencies and a great customer experience

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“Our clients want simplicity, not more paperwork complexity ”
“We want a simple way to obtain ID certified as true copies of originals to satisfy regulatory obligations.”
“Customer experience is important to us in everything we do”
“We don't want to wait days or weeks for 100 point ID verification to be completed”
“We don't want to force our clients to meet with a JP or go to the post office”
“We want to increase our operational effectiveness and reduce compliance costs”

Taking the hassle out of
Identity Verification

The importance of a secure Identity Documentation ‘Safe Harbour’

The importance of properly conducting and documenting Verification of Identity (VOI) as part of Know Your Client (KYC) procedures is becoming clearer in many areas of business.

Many businesses believe that completing KYC without the protection of a ‘Safe Harbour’ under the Australian Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Finance Rules (AML CTF Rules) is like half doing the job. If you don’t meet the ‘Safe Harbour’ standards your business may be asked in the future to complete the unenviable task of proving that the steps taken were reasonable. Most people agree it is better to get the job done properly to start with.

MaxID has developed systems and solutions to meet the documentation procedures specified in the AML CTF Rules to ensure secure ‘Safe Harbour’ requirements are met.

There are no set up fees, no license fees, no minimum volumes, no complex technology integration costs – just simple to use, intelligent systems. MaxID can even set up the system so that all communications are fully customized and branded specifically for your business. Want to know more?


100 Points of ID - Legally Certified

What we do when you instruct us to certify 100 Points of ID
Get Started


Once you select “Verify My Clients ID Now” simply follow the guided experience. If you have used us before all we will need is the business code we provide you or your email address before you provide your clients contact details. If it is your first time we will do some quick checks and have you up and running very quickly. We will look after the rest for you.


Collect Documentation And Meet

We will contact your client by email and text. Your client can follow the simple instructions to provide identity documentation that will add up to at least 100 Points of ID. Your client can appoint someone to act as our representative and will meet with them in order that the original documents can be sighted anywhere in Australia with internet connectivity at any time 24/7. Conveniently this can be a partner, friend, colleague, neighbour etc and will only take 5 min.



After a successful ID Verification, our Australian Law Practice issues an ID Verification Report to you via email. The report will contain legally certified true copies of original identifying documents that will meet 100 Points of ID. You will have a secure, safe and legally compliant ID Verification of your client in as little as 10 minutes end to end.