Lawyers & Conveyancers – Next generation ‘Safe Harbour’ compliant VOI for Property Transactions

MaxID is the leader in the next generation of fully compliant Face-to-Face, In-Person Identity Verification Agents

Unique, secure technology

As lawyers we understand the importance of properly complying with the requirements of the VOI Standards and the ARNECC Model Participation Rules. We know that your customers are rarely impressed about being sent to a post office to wait in a queue for patchy service. They are often equally as unhappy handing over their identity documents to a courier driver or someone else they don’t know. We also know that the VOI process is often either unattractive or impossible to perform yourself, even if you have the assistance of an ‘App’ you can download onto your mobile phone because it requires you to meet with your client every time.

MaxID is a fully compliant Identity Verification Agent in that is able to provide you with a ‘Safe Harbour’ Identity Certification discharging your obligations in accordance with the VOI Standards, regardless of which State or Territory of Australia you or your customers are in (servicing both metro and regional areas), and whether the property transaction is a paper or electronic transaction.

Not only are we the only Identity Verification Agent that can complete Identity Verification 24/7 whenever and wherever it works for your client, we are also the cheapest Identity Verification Agent in the market. So whether you are reducing your own margins or disbursing less convenient and higher cost alternatives to your clients, MaxID is an attractive solution for your VOI requirements.

The importance of ‘Safe Harbour’ for property specialists

Failure for lawyers, conveyancers and settlement agents to attain a ‘Safe Harbour’ Verification of Identity for conveyancing transactions may have serious consequences for your business. As many of you may be aware Registrar’s General are auditing compliance with the VOI Standard and suspension from the ability to lodge conveyancing transaction documents is an unappealing outcome.

It is a common misconception that the VOI rules applicable in all States and Territories requiring an In-Person Face-to-Face Verification of Identity only apply to electronic lodgement transactions. Not so, unfortunately. The rules also apply to paper lodgement transactions and the consequence of non-compliance is highly detrimental.

MaxID provides lawyers, conveyancers and settlement agents with VOI ‘Safe Harbour’ and is fully compliant across all State-based regulations.

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The MaxID solution is designed to minimise the internal and external costs associated with ‘Safe Harbour’ VOI Standard compliance

MaxID was built from the ground up with your customers in mind, ensuring is easy to use and interact with, as well as intuitive to understand.

MaxID uses best in market data security/encryption and threat mitigation systems, supporting a strong compliance framework that doesn’t compromise your customer’s experience.

The service can be readily adapted for any brand experience so your clients are not confused. Keeping your clients within your trusted brand eco-system is just part of the MaxID solution.

By providing your customers with the ability to complete a fully compliant ‘Safe Harbour’ VOI for any Australian State or Territory, from wherever your client is in Australia within minutes, MaxID supports increased customer satisfaction which is critical in a competitive, choice rich market for property related services.